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  1. Love the site, all the vids and pics. Especially the ones of the star close ups. I have a theory about stars. They are outside of the dome and a product of sonolumescense. Basically that’s a fancy word for a certain sound frequency creating light in water. My theory is that this ‘frequency’ comes from our creator. He did speak the world into existence so why not. “Behold the heavens declare the glory of the lord” Maybe the frequency of His glory makes little shiny orbs in the waters above. Just a thought.

  2. Some cool footage, when HRC losers speech of 2016, that`s Isaiah 4:6 right? nobody believed me, I said she`s talking firmament
    The glass ceiling, shatter it, Satan also knows the secrets of the world, she is a witch, right? I said this is how they know things, HRC, Obama, rest of them, they have sold out to Satan and he owns thy soul, hence all the baby eating, killing, boys, girls sacrificed and he gives them powers, money, wealth, this is why They can eat a baby like it was an apple, absolutely no difference to them, they cant tell now that there soulless like Satan. the purple tie on Bill and HRC wore purple as well
    shows loyalty to their master lord Satan. This ties in w/ John 10:1 right, Jesus said by the door my sheep, any other is a robber and thief, why? God would wipe them out or trying to release more of the evil ones that are still being restraint by the Holy Spirit.
    Please correct me when I` wrong, the Vatican colors purple and Gold, right? Sorry, I just never got to tell that story, it was just 100% proof the H.S. leads me and teaches me the truth. Please suggest any videos I need to watch Hosea 6:4 right?
    Great work on these videos, never knew they were there. Thanks, Jake

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