Survival Checklist

This is general information for survival. Do your own research on the content in the PDF’s. Print what you can and buy hard copies when available. SMHP

Survival Resources

Get all this content on a CD, along with 200+ more survival manuals.

*SMHP is not affiliated with Clarkwardorange. I do not own this content and am not selling it here. You have to go to their link to buy a CD of all the content.

5 thoughts on “Survival Checklist

  1. Wonderful work brother. Thankyou fir all this valuable information that I'm absolutely positive people are going to be needing in the bear future!
    King Jesus bless you abundantly with His riches beloved brother and protect with mightily within His wings!

  2. Thank you SMH, God be with you always, We live in Ireland and are mostly prepared for famine and hardship. We have followed for a long time now and have always valued your contribution to uncovering the lair cake.

    Peace wisdom and strength be with you dear brother in the body of Christ.

  3. Thank you for all that you do... your time and effort especially. This information is truly invaluable and I share your videos with friends and family as often as possible. I appreciate all of this.
    Again, thank you. May our Heavenly Father bless you and yours.

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