One thought on “How To Spot Fake News

  1. Too many Omg's repeated. I wish that he had recorded when the drone/missile had struck the 2nd tower because this is a better quality video then the other video that I seen of this shot in this location, in the other video if its viewed frame by frame ,the missile/drone head can be seen coming out of the other side and then it's masked behind the heavy smoke & I have always wondered if the head of it had broken off and then fallen down to the street below. My Brothers friend Dave had a Office in one of the towers and he had just got there and was just about to walk into the lobby but he stopped to tie his shoe and he was knocked down on to the pavement when the bomb went off somewhere down near the lobby & then seconds later is one the first explosion happened & was there when body parts and pieces of bodies were hitting the ground all around him and after that he never could get pass what he witnessed and it had traumatized him for 4 years up until he committed suicide over it. His wife donated The shoes & is ID he wore on that day to the memorial Museum because those shoes saved him from the bomb blowing up near the lobby & he wore them as he was running away from the smoke & dust when the tower collapsed, the shoes still had the dust all of them

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