Luciferase Or Lucifer’s Race?

Luciferins behave like drugs…

The light emission chemistry of firefly luciferase can be harnessed to reveal otherwise invisible biological processes occurring in the brains of live animals. Though powerful, the need for the luciferase substrate D-luciferin to traverse the blood-brain barrier poses limitations on the sensitivity and interpretation of these experiments. In this Viewpoint, we discuss bioluminescent imaging probes for the enzyme fatty acid amide hydrolase (FAAH) and the broader implications for optical imaging and drug delivery in the brain.

Getting a luciferase system to glow in the laboratory is a lot like baking a good cake: it requires specific ingredients mixed together in an important order, and a lot of care and attention. Just as a cake requires ingredients like eggs, water, oil, sugar, and flour, the Nanoluciferase system requires the Nano luciferase protein, a special chemical that can react with oxygen, and plenty of oxygen. A luciferase system creates light through a chemical reaction known as an oxidation: a reaction where a chemical loses electrons (and typically gains an oxygen molecule). 

Good day to all here, I just wanted to make note of something that I’m sure most visitors here are quite familiar with considering the amount SMHP has covered it in various video’s over the years; This has to do with technologies that I know very little about … Quantum Technology/Quantum Dots/Luciferase/Nano Technology/Graphene Oxide/Bioluminescence/Bioimaging.
After digging around I found these;
– Quantum dots as a promising agent to combat COVID‐19 –
– Quantum Dots and Their Interaction with Biological Systems –
– Optoelectronic Neural Interfaces Based on Quantum Dots –
– Expanding luciferase reporter systems for cell-free protein expression –
– Bioluminescence Color-Tuning Firefly Luciferases: Engineering and Prospects for Real-Time Intracellular pH Imaging and Heavy Metal Biosensing –

A few questions??
-Does anyone here know what connection Quantum Dots have to the D-WAVE Quantum computers? If any at all?
-Do they work using the same principle Geordie Rose explained in his D-WAVE video; Tapping into “Other Dimensions” (Demonic Realms) to bring back information just as the ancient priests of pagan religions would have done through occult practices and divination ?
-Is there any connection between the fact that the CCV19 Vaccines required extremely cold storage temperatures (due to the self-assembling nature of graphene in higher temperature conditions) and the fact that the D-wave computer chips are kept at an extremely low temperature ? (or is this pretty much the same as a gamer keeping his computer in an ice box to prevent over heating?)
– How does CERN fit into the equation?
Any information would be highly appreciated … especially in regards to the possible connection between D-Wave and Quantum dots!!! Many thanks for your time, God Bless


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