Down The Rabbit Hole 2.0

Welcome to the stranger side of the truther topics. Remember, everything is speculation unless you can prove it. The Trans Agenda, Nuke Hoax, Mandela Effect, Dinosaur Hoax, and Mud Flood all have truths mixed with lies thanks to programs like Operation Pogo and Operation Zyph. Operation Mockingbird is alive and well and working through all our mainstream and second tier fake truth networks. I am sharing this content so you can download it and have a record of these topics. I am not led to cover them in great detail but have done in depth research on them and hope you do your own research as well. SMHP may not agree with everything from the content producers I share.

Use discernment when looking into these topics. Don’t take anything I share as final say. Invest the time. It’s worth it. Stay blessed!

Many celebrities are transgender. The question is, how many? We’ve all been Hoodwinked and Bamboozled!

The Mandela Effect by PhotoHelix – He is no longer with us but his words of wisdom live on.

The Nuke Hoax exposed by E.D.

*SMHP is not affiliated with Eric Dubay and is not promoting him here. That being said, this is an excellent breakdown and needs to be shared.

The Dinosaur Hoax exposed by E.D.

Mud Flood Tartaria – False Timeline Examined – History is created by the winners of wars. That’s why they call it His -Story! Do your own research please! Read between the lines!