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  1. Hello,
    My name is Laura. Your videos have been very edifying for myself and my family for years, and I popped in today looking for anything regarding the Abrahamic house being built in Abu dabbi, and its outright cube/666 symbolism.. Anything on the cultish utopia push that is interfaith dialog would ne brilliant. I don't know If I'm looking in the right place, I just figured id reach out.
    Thank you for keeping it real, keep up the good work!

  2. That is a trip, but check out this white rabbit- I looked up the name of the variant, omicron- definition 15th star in a constellation. So I looked up the 15th star in constellation called Omicron and this is what it said: Omicron Virginis is a notoriously sinister star.
    She works for Betelgeuse's Alliance as their assassin - she works specifically to kill the hero stars with an unexpected element of surprise.
    She was very good at her job and has already killed many high-profile targets, like luminous blue stars and hypergiants.
    Omicron Virginis is a master of disguise. By emitting barium, she fools other stars into thinking that she has a white dwarf with her, but she actually doesn't. She strikes fast and hard, utilizing many techniques in destroying her enemies, like gamma-ray bursts, photo disintegration, sending them into black
    holes, and if she doesn't have the mood to kill, ejects them from the Milky Way altogether.
    OK interesting, but what I saw right under this information I found even more interesting. There is a cargo ship called Omicron that just coincidentally left South Africa this morning and is heading north west towards the East Coast of the United States. I wonder what it’s going to be delivering?

  3. A most excellent site. I will be passing it on to others who need to hopefully see and understand how the masses have capitulated to the select few whose evil deeds were carefully crafted with lies & fearmongering by the psychopaths in high places who have been given over.

    The non-existent moon landings is just another Pinocchio Story.

    Pray many will be awaken to become free by HIS Spirit.

  4. The best channel out there for me, combining all elements required for a truthful outlook, expertly drawing connections and helping us see clearly what is being done by the hands of evil so as to make us stronger in our faith in the one true God, Jesus Christ.

    Thank you for your consistency and hard work.

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