Humans 2.0 The Nephilim Project Exposed As In The Days Of Noah

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2 thoughts on “Humans 2.0 The Nephilim Project Exposed As In The Days Of Noah

  1. As the book of Daniel promised, the books will be unsealed and knowledge will increase.

    WHERE is the man who wishes to know the ways of YaHuWaH and good works?
    Let him come to Enoch.” Yasher 3:5-6

    … Noah married Enoch’s daughter
    ….Noah’s three sons married Enoch’s son’s Methushelach (Methuselah ) daughters.
    Yasher 5: 15~35
    The entire human race got its re-boot from Noah AND Enoch !

  2. Great vids. Good insight being shared on the symbolism and lots of quotes from the Bible.
    I have a few things I have noticed from the Bible in Revelations. First off, as I view this book, it proceeds from 1 to 11, then starts over with chapter 12. The heavenly event – happened in September 2017 ( That told me that we are now living in the time covered by the prophecies within the book of Revelation. Look at what Peter says to the people gathered while they were speaking in tongues : Acts 2:17-21, which Peter actually got from Joel 2:28-32.
    So, let’s now look at Revelation 9:1-11. Is not the smoke the bioweapon illness launched from WuHan? What part does 5G play and what of the nano graphene oxide? The locusts are those allied against us trying to make everyone take the jab. 9:7 seems like a reference to the elites who are behind this attack. The power of the scorpion mentioned multiple times is the vaccine jab stab which inserts poison and gene therapies into us totally bypassing our immune system.
    That’s it. Just wanted to share.

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