2 thoughts on “False Flag Videos

  1. How can that be, so many clocks at 911 in movies years in advance?

    Does this make any sense to you?
    A man said he went to hell and Jesus was there and he saw Satan approaching to collect him and Satan was naming all his life sins and he knew everything about him and he was his to take, the man asked Jesus how he knew he would be there at this exact time and how he knew so much, Jesus said this has been done once before. I don’t know what that means.
    Could it be that his, mine, yours , the whole world has already played out just as the bible says? The way Jesus answered him seems that it`s a redo and we just think were here, a 2nd chance Jesus gives us to get it right, Jesus being God he could do anything he wanted to do, Crazy right, the clocks, the years the movies, all the 911`s all the actors and what Jesus told the man.
    Jesus sent the man back to earth obviously for a 2nd chance, he seemed genuine and very scared , stupid 911 clocks

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