Georgia Guidestones to United Nations 666 Miles

07/06/2022 Georgia Guidestones Destroyed!

The Georgia Guidestones may be the most enigmatic monument in the US: huge slabs of granite, inscribed with directions for rebuilding civilization after the apocalypse. Only one man knows who created them—and he’s not talking. Photo: Dan Winters The strangest monument in America looms over a barren knoll in northeastern Georgia. Five massive slabs of polished granite rise out of the earth in a star pattern. The rocks are each 16 feet tall, with four of them weighing more than 20 tons apiece. Together they support a 25,000-pound capstone. Approaching the edifice, it’s hard not to think immediately of England’s Stonehenge or possibly the ominous monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Built in 1980, these pale gray rocks are quietly awaiting the end of the world as we know it.

Called the Georgia Guidestones, the monument is a mystery—nobody knows exactly who commissioned it or why. The only clues to its origin are on a nearby plaque on the ground—which gives the dimensions and explains a series of intricate notches and holes that correspond to the movements of the sun and stars—and the “guides” themselves, directives carved into the rocks. These instructions appear in eight languages ranging from English to Swahili and reflect a peculiar New Age ideology. Some are vaguely eugenic (guide reproduction wisely—improving fitness and diversity); others prescribe standard-issue hippie mysticism (prize truth—beauty—love—seeking harmony with the infinite).

What’s most widely agreed upon—based on the evidence available—is that the Guidestones are meant to instruct the dazed survivors of some impending apocalypse as they attempt to reconstitute civilization. Not everyone is comfortable with this notion. A few days before I visited, the stones had been splattered with polyurethane and spray-painted with graffiti, including slogans like “Death to the new world order.” This defacement was the first serious act of vandalism in the Guidestones’ history, but it was hardly the first objection to their existence. In fact, for more than three decades this uncanny structure in the heart of the Bible Belt has been generating responses that range from enchantment to horror. Supporters (notable among them Yoko Ono) have praised the messages as a stirring call to rational thinking, akin to Thomas Paine’s The Age of Reason. Opponents have attacked them as the Ten Commandments of the Antichrist.

Whoever the anonymous architects of the Guidestones were, they knew what they were doing: The monument is a highly engineered structure that flawlessly tracks the sun. It also manages to engender endless fascination, thanks to a carefully orchestrated aura of mystery. And the stones have attracted plenty of devotees to defend against folks who would like them destroyed. Clearly, whoever had the monument placed here understood one thing very well: People prize what they don’t understand at least as much as what they do.

There is a strong delusion which has come upon the land, guided by a deadly hand of darkness lurking behind the scenes, seeking to devour as many souls as possible. It presents as a façade of goodwill, unity, hope and love, however, for those who drink of its poison eternal death is their destiny.  There are many who have sipped its concoction of sweetness. As the shroud lures them into a deep sleep of self-deception, dreaming of paradise unimaginable, they are at last able to escape from this upside down world of hate. Upon drinking in this first sip of deceit, a sensitivity to the dark evil intentions of this entity is erased, distorting the spiritual eyes of its captor, until finally divine spiritual discernment is exhausted.  It is only though Jesus, the One and True Light of the world we are able to attain clarity into this realm of darkness and overcome its adversity. While the Church is drifting on the seas of lala land, the majority will awaken into a present day nightmare facilitated by an evil prowler under the guise of the United Nations, who endorses “The great theme of the new world religion will be the recognition of the many divine approaches – [to God]”

The United Nations was formed in 1945 as an international organization whose stated aims include facilitating cooperation in international lawinternational securityeconomic developmentsocial progress, human rights, achievement of world peace and contains multiple subsidiary organizations to carry out its missions.  Currently there are 193 member states, consisting of every internationally recognized sovereign state in the world.  It is important to note the United States is the largest financial contributor to the UN, resulting in a total 22% for its funding, secondly is Japan at 12.53%.  Most recently on May 12, 2012, United States President Barack Hussein Obama signed Executive Order 13609, Promoting International Regulatory Cooperation, essentially placing the total dominance of our Country under the United Nations umbrella.

The UN, headquartered in New York City, and deemed as being located on “international territory,” has offices around the world consisting of six principal organs, as follows:

  • General Assembly
  • Security Council
  • Economic and Social Council
  • Secretariat
  • International Court of Justice
  • Trusteeship Council

In addition, a few prominent UN system agencies include the World Health Organization, World Food Programme, UNICEF, Red Cross and Lucis Trust.  One must give consideration to the ongoing intervention by the most elite in the world who are big influences in steering the UN, as a whole.  You may recognize the Bilderberg’s, Rothchild’s and Rockefeller’s, just to name a few. The Illuminati and Freemasons rank highest upon coming alongside this evil element pursing the New World Order.  One particular quote from the Lucis Trust website reads, “The spirit of Masonry is the spirit of the eternal “Quest”, a key to both individual and group progress toward God’s goal for man…. modern Masonry is destined to bring spiritual benefits to all people.”

I would be remiss if I did not mention, President Obama set precedence in our country when he served as President of the UN Security Council in 2009, which was reasonably controversial. No current standing President of the United States had ever served in a key appointment to the United Nations until Mr. Obama.

As we examine the bowels of darkness within the UN this is where we find Lucis Trust, buried deep within the dark realm of the United Nations, masquerading as a procurer of “light and goodwill.” To no further ado, let me introduce you to your planned world should the Lord tarry and the enemy’s plans prevail…

Lucis Trust was founded by Foster & Alice Bailey in early 1922 under the guise of a publishing company initially named, Lucifer Publishing Co.  Due to the provocative nature of the name, in 1925 the name was changed to Lucis Publishing Co, which it remains today.  It was during this period Lucis Trust joined hands with the United Nations operating under the Economic and Social Council.  1932 marked the birthdate of World Goodwill, which furthered the plans and opened various doors to Lucis Trust international to prey upon its victims through outreach, under the guise of humanitarian servant hood and goodwill.

Given the open and indiscreet manner in which these minions operate it behooves one to believe what they are reading is actually true.  In much study of this manifestation of darkness, I often find myself questioning am I really reading this?  The Bible speaks in 2 Corinthians 11:14 “Satan disguises himself as an angel of light,” and I cannot remember a juncture more perfectly orchestrated for him to disguise himself as the One True Savior, Jesus Christ.

As with all elements of darkness a hint of Biblical Truth is usually fractioned in to deceive the perception of his prey.  Evidenced by terms used throughout Lucis Trust, it appears the enemy has stepped up his deceptive tactics and cleverly attempted to fool the heart of believers, by using key words such as love, good will, the christ, faith, charity and peace, just to name a few.  Reading the Index on the Lucis Trust website, it appears as if you are reading directly into the heart of Jesus.  And then you go deeper and it gets darker until you realize the christ they are beckoning to save the world is actually the one who will come to destroy it and take as many souls with him to hell as possible when he finally comes face to face with the Almighty Father, Himself.

Lucis Trust has one goal, which is to usher in the New World Religion under the anti-christ, and they are using the largest New World Order platform today to accomplish this mission of lightless existence, the United Nations.  The case for darkness against Lucis Trust is easy to assemble given the self-incriminating testimony they profess.  Let’s take a walk on the darkside into their venomous schemes of seduction, exposed through their own statements, need I remind you when they reference “The Christ” it sure is not Jesus.

Below are quotes extracted directly from the Lucis Trust website:

“Circumstances and happenings will not necessarily be exactly as the Scriptures would appear to indicate.”

“This triumph of the Christ consciousness must always be spoken of in terms of religion, of church-going and of orthodox beliefs is one of the incredible triumphs of the forces of evil.”

“Christians are apt to forget that the crisis in the final hours of the Christ was not that spent upon the Cross, but those spent in the Garden of Gethsemane.”

“The generally accepted idea that He will return as a triumphant warrior, omnipotent and irresistible, has surely no basis in fact.”

“He recognizes and loves those who are not Christian but who retain their allegiance to their Founders–the Buddha, Mohammed and others. He cares not what the faith is if the objective is love of God and of humanity.”

“It is not the evil rampant in the world today which is hindering the revelation and hindering the enfoldment of the spiritual life….avoid the fanatical idea that anyone’s individual interpretation of the truth must necessarily be the only and correct one.”

“Yet light and love have been revealed to the world by two great Sons of God in two Approaches – [Christ & Buddha]”

“The Science of invocation and evocation will take the place of what we now call “prayer” and “worship.”

As you can see, the devil is in the details, as these are a mere sampling of the hundreds of pages on the Lucis Trust website, containing the plots and ploys to convert all of society into their one fold of falsity.  They state,“In the future world, all men of spiritual inclination and intention everywhere will keep the same holy days”  In Philippians 4:7 the Lord tells us to “Guard our hearts and minds in Jesus Christ,” certainly that is only accomplished by seeking “Jesus, Who is the Way, the Truth and the Life to which no one comes to the Father” John 14:6, which is contrary to the Lucis Trust statement “A divine Son of God has come forth and under many different names.”

Need I remind you, this web of guile is spinning fast and furious, to an already lagging behind Church.  While we were sitting back singing Jesus Loves Me and lulling those in the pews fast asleep, the enemy has been scheming since the Garden, orchestrating his day of spotlight as the morning star.  “God works in many ways, through many faiths and religious agencies; this is one reason for the elimination of non-essential doctrines.” Quoted from Lucis Trust founder, Alice Bailey.

God is raising up an army of passionate, warring, Biblically strong champions who do not waiver on His foundations of Truth. They will walk with Him like Enoch, are fed by Him like Elijah, worship him like Mary, obey Him like Noah, lead like Moses with the brevity of David all wrapped up in One. At this juncture we must band together in prayer, seeking and acting upon God’s plans for us daily and spend time in the written Biblical word. The task ahead of us is not for the weak, however, the power behind us is great. 

God says, “You are either with Me or against Me…” Which one are you?

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