15 thoughts on “SMHP Email Signup

  1. I have been following this channel on YouTube for awhile now. I absolutely love the work you have all put in to inform people about the harsh realities of this world. You surely have saved some people's lives. I got to thank you.

  2. I Thank You for your knowledge and talent to bring this important information to light for some who would remain in darkness.
    I Thank God, that you are guided to bring all of the messages from him.
    Praise Jesus Christ

  3. Followed you for some years now and i am so grateful you didnt retreat and go away like so many have. You are a dear brother and through your videos we can share them and help wake up many to come to the glory of God while we are still in his grace. May the spirit of his force be with you always. We Love you, God Bless.

  4. I my humble opinion I must say your works are best i consider in Truth. The Lord does say his dorks are great and marvelous and ways are just and true . I love you much and will always keep you in prayer. Hallelujah. Lord Jesus messiah

  5. It gives me comfort in such a frightful time, to know someone like you is showing us the truth, when very few will. I appreciate the time and effort that you put in. It shows in your work. I pray more turn Jesus with your videos, without Him...one has no chance...Thank you! God Bless

  6. I just now found your website after watching the last video you uploaded to yt and discovering, after I watched it, that I could not like or share. I went to another device and could not even find your channel because it had been removed. The video I watched was uploaded only 44 minutes after I began watching.

  7. Unfortunately, it looks like the commies at YT terminated this account
    They obviously fear what SMDP has to say.
    It’s a sad state of affairs these days when our freedom of speech no longer exists

  8. Even if they take your channels down please continue to post and make new accounts. You never violated guidelines rather someone likely reported something in such a way to get at you. Funny all you do is use their videos and somehow you violed their guidelines. I love your work in fact it is most of what I watch on my spare time. I have been able to glean so much information about this evil from you and your videos! May you be Blessed my friend 🙏

  9. I've been following you for several years and I'm glad you're including subjects on Fe along with your regular topics. Shows you're not afraid of the truth.

    My our Father in heaven bless you in his son's Yahusha's/Jesus's name.

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