Ameruca – Land Of The Plumed Serpent

Welcome to Amaruca, the Land of the Serpent Gods!

In his book, “New World Order – The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies“, William T. Still shows that America was called initially “The Land of the Plumed/Feathered Serpents” by the Indians of Peru. 

James Pyrse researched an article written in the Theosophical Society magazine entitled “Lucifer”, which gave insight into the word “America.” 

He says that the chief god of the Mayan Indians in Central America was Quetzalcoatl/Kukulkan (“Plumed Serpent”, “Feathered Serpent”). In Peru this god was called Amaru and the territory known as Amaruca.

Pyres states:

“Amaruca is literally translated ‘Land of the Plumed Serpents’ (p. 45) – (Variation: ‘Land of the Great Plumed Serpents).”

He claims that the name of America was derived from Amaruca, instead of after the explorer Amerigo Vespucci.

This further proves that serpent worship was common throughout all cultures.

“In the most prevalent versions of American history, the origin of the name America is attributed to the Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci (above image – notice the reptilian beneath Vespucci’s feet, climbing a column representing America – just another ‘coincidence’, nothing to worry about). 

“This popular distortion of the true origin of the native Amaruca (…) may be finally gaining more credibility among scholars to restore the name Amaruca to it’s rightful place.

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  1. I can show you a large feathered serpent that makes up the landscape in the eastern U.S. from Missouri and Arkansas and it’s head, plumage, body, wings and it’s tail that ends in the New England area. I wish I could post a picture. It’s hard to see until you do see it. There’s also one in North Africa in Morocco that spans approximately 1300 miles and it was attacking a giant fish in which you can even see the scales of both beasts.

  2. This is just one video of the dragons, but this channel has many more that that go into more detail that you have to search for. I’m in a hurry this morning or I would find them all for you.

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