2 thoughts on “Elite Exposed Videos

  1. I`ve been watching your videos all night and I know why a high ranking official in the DOJ unnamed of course told a well known
    YT news channel that 70% in Gov. have chosen to serve Satan and 30 % were serving the good of the country.
    This is why the swamp was never drained I suppose, not to mention the election fraud,

    Do you have others coming soon?

    we [I] really need to be dialed in, bc Satan knows what he`s doing, I would bet the deception is far greater than
    anything I seen so far.

  2. The Chinese face changer magician, the on who was interviewed, using spirits he said, there’s another video which I thought was this one, maybe 5 min exactly like yours, but the camera does catch the Deamon on film as clear as day, you see it`s face and features from the right side of magician’s face, it`s scary man, bc pokes outside of the face and on the neck as well, I`m sure it was the same show, thought it might be cool to see.

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